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10 Best Insurances in Indonesia in 2022

10 Best Insurances in Indonesia in 2021
10 Best Insurances in Indonesia in 2021

What is the best health insurance in Indonesia, which is the best family health insurance, what types of insurance and where can I get maternity insurance?

But the problem is, how to choose the Best Health Insurance. How we, as ordinary people, can determine and choose a good health insurance.

Health insurance is insurance that provides reimbursement of medical costs if the policyholder is hospitalized due to illness or accident. The amount of reimbursement is according to the number of bills from the hospital with certain limits based on the insurance plan taken.

Insurance is an important part of managing family finances. Before choosing the best insurance company, it helps us discuss what good criteria are.

10 Best Insurance Lists in 2021:

1. Manulife

This Canadian company that entered Indonesia since 1989 is also worth considering because it has the best health insurance products in Indonesia. Manulife, which has 2.5 million customers, has some of the best cashless health insurance products, one of which is MiUltimate HealthCare (MiUHC).

2. Sinarmas

The next best health insurance in Indonesia is Asuransi Sinar Mas (ASM), which was established on May 27, 1985. ASM has received an AA+ Insurer Financial Strength (IF) rating with a stable outlook from the international rating agency Fitch Ratings. One of the health insurance products from ASM is Simas Sehat Gold.

3. Allianz

The best health insurance in Indonesia, then there is insurance from Germany, Allianz, which of course should be on your list. Allianz has a health insurance product that excels in various aspects, namely SmartHealth Maxi Violet.

4. Prudential

First, there is Prudential, which has been present in Indonesia since 1995 and serves health and life insurance. Prudential has a health insurance product called PRUprime Healthcare which provides coverage for hospitalization costs with protection until the age of 85 years.

5. AXA Health Insurance

AXA health insurance has a total annual premium of Rp 12,674,000 for hospitalization. Although more expensive than others, AXA Insurance does not apply a limit per treatment. Treatment is paid according to the receipt, which is limited to a combined treatment limit of IDR 80 million a year.

6. CIGNA Insurance

Cigna Asuransi is a life insurance company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), founded in 1990 and a subsidiary of Cigna Corporation from the United States.

At the end of 2017, Cigna Indonesia Insurance had a solvency ratio, or RBC (Risk Based Capital) of 784% above the government regulation of 120%.


Manulife as one of the best insurance companies in Indonesia offers health insurance which is a rider or an addition to term-life insurance. Although not pure health insurance, this program has interesting benefits, not inferior to pure insurance. The total premium per year is IDR 9,854,000 for inpatient care.

8. AIA

AIA is a Hong Kong based company that has been operating in Indonesia since 1983. AIA's best health insurance product, Hospital & Surgical Protection, guarantees reimbursement for medical treatment costs in hospitals.

9. FWD Life

The next best health insurance in Indonesia 2020 is FWD Life from Hong Kong. One of the advantages of this brand is that it uses digital technology in all its business processes, from prospecting prospective customers to purchasing policies. FWD Life has a variety of health insurance products, one of which is the Syariah-type Free Reliable insurance with a premium of 75 thousand per month.

10. Sun Life

Still not satisfied with the best Indonesian health insurance above? You can consider insurance from PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia (Sun Life Financial). The company that was founded in 1865 has Sun Medical Platinum products that offer cancer treatment coverage. Sun Life insurance premiums range from Rp 90-Rp 270 thousand per month, depending on the type of insurance, the profile of the insured, the type and value of the assets insured, and the coverage coverage.

Those are the 10 lists of the best Indonesian health insurance 2021 that you can consider. Having insurance is certainly very important because it can minimize health risks that occur in the short and long term.