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Benefits and Importance of Using Car Insurance

Benefits and Importance of Using Car Insurance
Benefits and Importance of Using Car Insurance

Every year, the number of car users on the highway continues to increase. This increase in the number of cars has an impact on several things, for example congestion, increased risk of traffic accidents, and other traffic problems. A car accident on the highway is something we can never predict when and where it will happen or who caused it to happen and if it does happen, the car owner must pay a lot of money to fix it. Therefore, this is the benefit of having car insurance that can ease your burden because it can cover all losses and repair costs for your car.

Insurance can be defined as an agreement from both parties, in which the insurer will bind himself to the insured with a record of receiving insurance premiums. Then the insurer or insurance will be responsible for the insured car by covering the cost of repairing your car that has an accident. Below are other benefits that you can feel after you use car insurance to protect your car.

1. Provide Vehicle Protection Guarantee

Insurance will provide protection for car owners for losses experienced, ranging from losses in the form of car damage due to accidents or crimes of theft. Understand the vehicle insurance needs that you need, by choosing the right type of vehicle insurance, so you can feel the positive benefits in the future.

2. Assist in Financial Planning

When you have an accident and damage to your vehicle, of course you will need money to repair the damage. The advantage of using vehicle insurance is that you no longer need to worry about the amount of costs that must be borne, because the insurance company will cover it based on the applicable policy. That way, your financial condition will be more stable and you can allocate it for other urgent interests.

3. Provides a sense of security

Having car insurance can create a sense of security for car owners, where they no longer need to worry when driving their car on the road. Even so, the driver still has to be careful so as not to get into an accident that might threaten his life or other drivers around him.

4. Offers More Protection

Garda Oto car insurance from Asuransi Astra provides maximum protection for the accident you experience. In fact, you will also get protection in the form of third party legal assistance, if the accident you experience involves a third party. In addition, you will also get many various bonuses when buying a policy at Garda Oto, ranging from e-toll bonuses, BBM vouchers, and many other attractive prizes that you can get.

5. Additional Service Features

When you experience problems in the middle of the road due to running out of fuel or leaking tires, you can ask for help from the Garda Oto insurance to help you. Garda Siaga is a service from Garda Oto which is always ready 24 hours to serve all your emergency needs. Simply contact the Garda Access contact center 1500112 or click the Emergency menu on the Garda Mobile Otocare application to request assistance from Garda Siaga. Tell your location as clearly as possible and the Garda Siaga team will come and help solve any emergency problems with your car.