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How to easily restore a BLOCKED FB (Facebook) account

How to easily restore a BLOCKED FB (Facebook) account

Your Facebook Account is Blocked!!! Maybe it's normal for those who just have a FB account, but those who have used the Facebook account for years and already have a lot of friends. Suddenly the account got banned because you violated Facebook policies.

I am a person who has many Facebook accounts such as the name of a famous Artist or certain person. I created a fake account in 2013 but now I don't use it anymore because it's all blocked by FB.

Creating fake accounts is usually to promote products or share blog/web links to bring in lots of visitors. So don't be surprised if there are a lot of fake FB accounts hanging around and using lots of sexy girl profile photos.

For now, this method is no longer valid in my dictionary because the law is SIN. Even more extreme, no matter how much you bring in blog visitors in a dirty way, your Blog or Sales will not develop and you will experience STRESS hehehe.

Back again with the title of this article about restoring a blocked FB account. For those of you who want to restore a blocked Facebook account, make sure that the account is very important and is your original account. If it is a FAKE account then leave it and leave it.

Your original account definitely contains friends you know, so if your FB account is blocked, it's quite easy to pass face detection or friends' photos. My FB account experience was blocked because I shared a photo or article that some people thought was annoying so they reported it to FB.

So from now on, stop uploading photos that violate Facebook policies and don't send FB friend requests at the same time to many people because FB will consider SPAM and result in temporarily blocking your FB account.

How to open a BLOCKED FB account

First step

Open your Facebook account and if you are asked to detect or recognize photos on your FB friends, please do so carefully. There are about five steps to detect photos of FB friends, if you can get past these obstacles then your FB account will easily open but of course you can't update status or upload photos for up to a month.

Second Way

If you can't get past the FB friend's photo detection then you have to do the second way, namely Write a polite email to disabled@facebook.com, tell us what we actually do with our facebook account using English. We can also fill out this disabled account form. In the additional info section, we can honestly say that we are guilty even though we didn't know before. Just like using email, we must use good and polite language.

Third Way
  • Activate a blocked FB account by sending an Email
  • To: appeals+duez0iu@facebook.com
  • Subject : Unblock/Enabled Return My Account in FB
  • Contents of the message: Please order my account in FB can be unblock / enabled return. because it has been blocked. Thanks.
  • Wait a few days until you get a reply email and your FB account has been reactivated.
If there are still problems and your account has not been unlocked, please comment so we can share and solve this problem together. But keep in mind if the account you want to open is a fake account and the most widely used is a beautiful girl account, from now on don't expect much because Facebook is definitely closing the account permanently.