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How to Increase AdSense Earning

How to Increase AdSense Earning

Want to increase your AdSense earnings? Check out these 4 tips and improve your site so you can earn with AdSense.

Planning to create a site to earn through Google AdSense, or want to know how to increase your Google AdSense earnings? If so, here are some tips on how to improve your site to get the most out of AdSense and maximize your earnings.

1. Create unique value content.

First of all, your site may initially be approved by Google AdSense, but will later be reviewed for quality assurance. In other words, you shouldn't fill your site with low quality content to get 100 pages indexed and monetized.

Instead, find things you are interested in and find other people who share your interests. Then, work with them to create the type of content that other people who share an interest in the topic will read.

2. Create an attractive site.

Your site visitors may not click on your AdSense ads right away, and if they leave after viewing just one page, you're more likely to lose them and your potential AdSense earnings forever. That's why you have to create an attractive site.

This means, you have to make sure every visitor who comes to your site wants to always explore your site more deeply. There are several ways to do this. First of all, provide clear navigation at the top of your site so visitors can find the best parts.

Then, make sure each piece of content has links to some other content. That's why, if your visitors don't enjoy the page they're on, they can see links to other topics they might be interested in.

Finally, provide more content links in the sidebar. Tell your visitors about the most popular content, the most shared content, and the most commented content. Visitors will wonder why certain content is so popular, and that content will keep them on your site longer. And the more often your page loads, the more ads they will see, potentially increasing Google AdSense earnings.

3. Provide your visitors with multiple channels that lead back to your site.

Don't let visitors forget your site. Headers, sidebars, end of content, and footers are ideal places to include multiple channels that can connect visitors with you so they can follow you. You must include options such as email and social network opt-in. That way, every time a piece of content is created or promoted, you can remind visitors about your site and possibly keep them coming back so they can click on more of your AdSense ads.

4. Optimize user experience.

One thing holding back many site owners is the user experience. You may have excellent content and the best ad placements, but if your site doesn't load on mobile devices or is slow to load, you could lose a lot of visitors long before they get a chance to enjoy your content or click on your ads.

That's why you have to do a number of things for your site. First, run some simple tests using Test My Site with Google to make sure your site works well for mobile users and loads quickly. If there's a problem with your site, this tool will pinpoint the problem so you can fix it.

Second, sign up for Google Analytics and Google Search Console if you haven't already. Google Analytics allows you to monitor traffic levels, so if there is a drop, you can check it immediately. Google Search Console has a variety of features that will help you find out if your site has performance issues or other errors that could be causing problems for visitors.

The best thing about all the features mentioned above is that they are all free (some features have premium options) which you can use to enhance the user experience on your site.