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How to Save Money Fast

How to Save Money Fast

Saving is a good habit that has been taught since childhood. It is said that saving can make a person rich quickly and can buy whatever he wants. Simply put, resist the urge, collect the money, and put it in a safe place. How to save quickly can be done at the bank, piggy bank. or other safe place.

In addition to collecting money, saving is also used as a means to save and be on guard. No one knows when the unexpected can happen to someone. If you are not ready with enough savings, you will be confused about where to find money in a relatively short time.

However, it turns out, saving habits can not necessarily be done by everyone, you know. There are people who find it difficult to save and collect money because of their extravagant lifestyle. This habit is also difficult to do if you are not used to it.

So how do you save fast? Here are some tips from Qoala that you can apply

Set Initial Saving Goals

The first way to save quickly is to determine what the initial purpose of saving is. Before collecting money, you need to first set the goal of the saving activity that you will do. For example, how to save money to buy a cellphone, laptop, car, or down payment for a house. You can also save to raise an emergency fund or go for Hajj.

By knowing the initial goal, it will be easier for you to apply how to save quickly. You will focus more on achieving your goals because you already know what you want. Instead of saving without a purpose, this method is more effective to implement.

Specify Nominal

After setting goals, the next quick way to save is to determine how much nominal you will collect every day, every week, or every month. Provide a minimum nominal limit that must be collected within a certain period of time. This can spur your enthusiasm to save because there is a set target.

Try to save with the same nominal so that the money collects faster. These saving tips can be done at home, by collecting the same amount of money every week in a piggy bank or other place. If you have accumulated a lot, you can move it to a bank or other safer place.

Separate Savings From the Beginning

Another way to save quickly is to separate savings from the start of payday. These saving tips apply to employees who get a fixed salary every month. Separate the money that will be saved on payday, safe the money and save it. Assume that the money is gone so you don't think about it anymore.

Avoid saving with leftover money because generally money that is not allocated will just run out in the middle of the road. As a result, how to save quickly that had been planned could not be realized.

Safe Money in Hidden Places

For those of you who have difficulty saving, it's a good idea to immediately secure your money in a hidden place. Cultivate the mindset that you don't have much money to spend. This method can prevent you from spending money on things that are not important.

Hidden money can also be a surprise to yourself when you find the money. But make sure you always remember where you hide your money, okay?

Use the Automated Savings System

Another way to save quickly is to use an automatic savings system that is automatically debited directly from the account. You can determine how much nominal you will set aside each month to be taken automatically. There are many official banks in Indonesia that offer this automatic savings product. Not only can it be done by workers, how to save quickly with this system can also be done by students, students and schoolchildren to prepare for their needs.

Locking Savings

Another way to quickly save a nominal amount of Rp. 1 million, Rp. 10 million, to Rp. 50 million within a month, 6 months or a year is to lock your savings in a bank. Currently, there are many savings products in banks that offer savings lock features. You can't suddenly take money away because your savings are locked. There is a certain period of time that must be met to withdraw money, this will force you to save and collect money. You are forced to be firm in managing finances.

How to save quickly this system can also be done at home by using a piggy bank. Choose a piggy bank that has a lock and doesn't open easily. In this way, you will find it difficult to suddenly withdraw money.

Saving Coins

Even though it looks trivial, don't ever underestimate a dime. When there is change for shopping in the form of change, immediately save it and collect it in a safe place. You have to keep this dime well. Don't underestimate the small value of money, because if it is collected it will be of great value. Collecting change is one way to save quickly that you can try.

Saving Money from Extra Earnings

The next way to save quickly is to save money from the extra income or job bonuses you receive. Extra income or bonuses are a source of savings that can be used for emergency funds. Instill the mindset that the extra income is not for fun, but for retirement savings.

Use the Savings App

For those of you who have difficulty saving, you can use a savings application to collect money wisely, carefully, and quickly. Currently, there are many savings applications that you can use, such as Spendee, Wally, Dompetsehat and the like that help you put the brakes on spending. By knowing the amount of expenses each month, you can more easily set aside money and save it.

Make Savings a Real Asset

The next way to save quickly is to turn your savings into real assets such as gold or gems. This aims to put the brakes on your desire to shop because by turning it into a real asset, you will not easily take the money.

Converting savings into gold or other real assets is an effective solution for those of you who have difficulty saving. In this way, you can still save without having to be afraid if the money is used.

Separate Account

Separating a shopping account from a savings account is another quick way to save. Separate accounts for travel, meals, and future savings. This way, it will be easier for you to manage money and savings.

Do not occasionally take savings money for purposes that are not supposed to be because this can hinder the goal. The desire and how to save quickly will not work if you do this.

Recording Every Expenditure and Needs

This method is quite old, but it is effective for those of you who are serious about saving. By recording every expense and need, you can monitor all your financial planning activities.

For some people, keeping a detailed record of every expense and need is complicated. Especially if it has to be done every day. However, this method can be used as motivation to save.

By looking at the expense records, you can immediately know and be aware when there are excessive expenses and interfere with saving plans. So try to always record expenses and needs in detail, yes!

Take advantage of the Discount

If you are the type of person who likes shopping, you can be sure you find it difficult to resist the urge to shop. In the end you will find it difficult to save because the money has been spent.

Therefore, take advantage of various discounts as a way to save quickly. Look for shopping centers or online stores that offer discounts, cashback and the like which you can set aside for savings.

Avoid High Lifestyle

Sometimes it is difficult for someone to save because they are trapped by a lifestyle that is too high. In fact, the real rich people actually live as they are without exaggeration.

Therefore, apply a proper lifestyle, no need to overdo it. Instead of wasting money just for a lifestyle, it's better to save the money for more important purposes. Avoiding a high lifestyle is one way to save quickly.

Unsubscribe Cable TV

Have you been subscribed to cable TV all this time? Currently, cable TV has become one of the entertainment media that is commonly used when bored with routine. However, subscribing to cable TV can ruin your saving plans, you know. Especially if you actually don't have the budget for cable TV, but are forced to.

The cost of subscribing to cable TV is pretty good, you know. Try changing the allocation of cable TV costs into savings, it is guaranteed that the savings will be collected quickly. So unsubscribing to cable TV is a quick way to save money that you can do.

Be Careful in Using Credit Cards

Credit cards can be two sides of a coin for its users. It can be profitable, but it can also be detrimental. Credit cards will be profitable if used wisely. However, carelessness in using it can result in financial losses.

Make sure you always pay credit card bills on time so you don't incur additional fees and interest. Also choose a credit card that has the features and benefits that suit your needs. In addition, you also need to look for low credit card interest rates if you have to pay a minimum every month.

By being careful in using a credit card, it means that you have done a way to save quickly because you can put the rest of the money into savings.

Don't Carelessly Lending Money

The next way to save quickly is not to be careless in lending money. Not lending money to friends does not mean being stingy. Instead, you need to consider carefully when you want to lend money to other people. Make sure if the person has the ability and willingness to pay. Don't let your money just disappear after being loaned to a friend.

Lending money to the wrong person will make your income insignificant and ultimately lead to difficulty saving. So instead of lending money to just anyone, you better make sure first whether that person can be trusted or not.

Looking for friends

Work or study outside the city far from home? The solution is that you will definitely rent a house or live in a boarding house, right? Instead of having to go back and forth at a much more expensive cost, renting or boarding is much more effective to save money and energy.

But sometimes there are expensive rental fees that make you think twice about renting at that place. As a result, you will look for a cheaper rental fee, but the facilities you get are not feasible.

Instead of looking for a cheap rental place that ends in inconvenience, why not try to outsmart it by looking for a roommate? Thus the rental fee will certainly be cheaper because it is divided into two.

Changing Smartphone Data Plan

The next way to save quickly is to limit phone bills and smartphone data packages. Review whether the package you take really suits your needs or the amount actually swells.

If you can overcome the leakage of expenses on data and phone packages, you can allocate these funds for other purposes. Look for cheap and effective data and phone packages to avoid overspending.

Do Refinancing

If you are currently taking installments, both home and vehicle installments, try refinancing. Refinancing is an effort to move credit to financial institutions or banks that have better interest rates and offers.

Although it sounds trivial, the difference in interest rates between banks can save expenses by several percent. You can save the difference in interest and allocate it into savings. Refinancing is one way to save quickly that you can do.


The last way to save quickly is to invest. If you only save, then money will not grow. It's different if you invest it, you will get a return from that investment.

Investments do not have to be large. You can invest money little by little. The most important thing is to be consistent in raising money and investing. Investments can be made in mutual funds, stocks, or businesses. You can search for literacy about investment through articles, books, or direct consultation with experts.