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Savings Tips for Students. Definitely Fast A Lot!

Savings Tips for Students. Definitely Fast A Lot!

Tips for saving for students are now widely disseminated to students from Kindergarten to High School (SMA) level. Many parents teach unique ways of saving so that their children like to save and learn to be frugal so that they can buy the things they like with their own savings. As for some saving tips for students during this pandemic, including the following:

Determining the Purpose of Saving

Tips for saving for students that can be done before saving, you should determine the purpose of saving first, such as whether you want to pay for school, buy a cellphone, buy shoes, or others. That way, you will be even more enthusiastic about saving regularly, even if little by little. You won't be tempted to use your savings for other things either.

Try setting aside a little pocket money to save

From a young age, you should teach your children to live frugally and set aside some of their pocket money. Small nominal pocket money, but sometimes if you save regularly, the results will gradually increase.

Teach Your Kids to Save on Dimes

Don't underestimate pocket money that is only small change in nominal terms, such as Rp. 500, Rp. 1,000, Rp. 2,000, or Rp. 5,000. If you're good at saving money, then you don't need to snack frequently or set aside your pocket money, even if it's only IDR 1,000 or IDR 2,000 per day. If you can save regularly and every day, then in the next few months you can be sure that your savings will increase a lot.

Give a unique and interesting piggy bank

To motivate your little one to save, you should buy or give him the freedom to choose the type of interesting piggy bank he likes. You can also teach your child to be creative in making piggy bank crafts. That way, he will definitely be more enthusiastic about saving regularly.

Try Entrusting Your Child's Savings Money to Someone Else

Not only small children, but teenagers to adults are often tempted to use their savings money when they see objects or items they like. For this, you can ask for help from other people, such as parents, siblings, grandmothers, grandfathers, or others to want to save your savings. That way, you can better control your urge to buy things that aren't really that important.

Rethink before Spending Money

The next saving tip for students is that you as a student should rethink before using savings money. You have to be able to think which are the main needs and which are the less important needs. That way, your savings will actually be used according to your needs or emergency funds.

Please you follow some saving tips for students. Come on, keep encouraging your children to be diligent in saving, even if it is done by setting aside their own pocket money. Because since childhood they are taught to save, then surely when they grow up to be big children they will get used to being frugal and diligent in saving so that they can finance their future needs.

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