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The Best Types Of CCTV Cameras Complete With Their Advantages

The Best Types Of Cctv Cameras Complete With Their Advantages

Currently, CCTV cameras can be easily found in various places. Its purpose is to increase security and prevent perpetrators of criminal acts and crimes, especially for those who run a business. Each type of the best CCTV Cameras is designed so sophisticated, complete with various advantages to be used according to their needs that you need to know.

In today's sophisticated era, more and more crimes are committed. So CCTV cameras are one of the technologies that must exist to monitor an area as a security profession. Did you know, CCTV as a surveillance camera turns out to have several different types, ranging from its shape to its function.

In addition, CCTV cameras can also be distinguished by price. The more expensive a camera is, the more likely that type of camera will have complete features and high quality. However, nowadays there are also many kinds of the best CCTV cameras at low prices. However, you still need to be selective in finding the best CCTV cameras on the market.

Well, so that you understand more about CCTV cameras, let's look at the following explanation which discusses the types of CCTV cameras complete with their advantages that you can know.

Get to know the best types of CCTV cameras, complete with their advantages

1. CCTV Dome

The first type of CCTV camera discussed is CCTV Dome. Did you know, the origin of the mention of "Dome" itself originated from the shape of the camera. If you pay attention to the CCTV Dome, it has a shape that resembles a dome. Although the camera is visible to the eye, but because of this shape, we cannot see the direction of the camera. This is the purpose of the form.

This type of CCTV camera is the best-selling type. Especially cameras with a fixed type that only leads to 1 corner of the room with a focused range and a wide range of views that varies according to the specifications of the camera lens you have.

Well, the type of Dome camera with the best-selling camera type is carried by the "Speed ​​Dome" type. Although the price is relatively expensive compared to other types of Dome cameras, it has PTZ capabilities that are worth considering.

There are many advantages possessed by Dome CCTV cameras. Starting from the form of an elegant or fashionable camera, how to install a camera that is easy, does not require an additional lens, has an infrared LED that lights up when the light is off, the direction of the camera lens is difficult to guess, is able to detect the level of light in a room, and is easily connected to a television or television. other connected electronic devices.


PTZ CCTV cameras are generally used for monitoring activities in an area or area that has a very wide range. Examples are like airports and fields. Well, what you need to know about this camera is that PTZ itself stands for PAN TILT ZOOM. PAN means having the ability to move freely left and right or up or down.

As for ZOOM, it means that this camera can enlarge the image up to many times. So sophisticated isn't it? No wonder this camera is used for large area monitoring. In addition, this type of CCTV camera can monitor an area very easily even though it only uses one camera because the direction of the camera can be controlled and rotated manually with the help of a controller.

What are the advantages of PTZ CCTV cameras? This type of camera is designed with various advantages. For example, it can help you to control remotely with the zoom in or zoom out feature, there is a camera that can rotate up to 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. This device can also move automatically to detect suspicious movements, and is capable of producing high-resolution images.

3. CCTV Spy

Next there is a type of CCTV camera called CCTV Spy. This CCTV camera has a very small size compared to the others. Because of this shape, a person may not be easily aware of the presence of CCTV cameras. CCTV Spy has many types and forms and can be used for Spy activities.

Generally we can find this camera with a unique shape. Starting from the form of wall hangings, pens, brooches, and various other items. Well, this is one of the advantages that it is not easy to realize its existence because of its shape.

4. CCTV Day and Night

In accordance with the name it carries, this type of CCTV camera is unique because it can record an image in minimal lighting mode or even when the glare of the sun directly hits the camera lens. Yes, the name matches the advantages offered.

Not only able to adapt to direct sunlight or strong light well, this device also has a wide range of capabilities.

5. CCTV Box

Next there is the CCTV Box which carries the shape of a box-like box. Just like other types of CCTV cameras, CCTV Box also has various advantages that you should consider. For example, CCTV Box is capable of zooming when positioned in a vertical plane. As a result, this camera can capture detailed and clear images and can be positioned out of reach of the hand.

That's the complete information that helps you get to know the various types of the best CCTV cameras, complete with their advantages that you need to know. The presence of CCTV cameras is certainly the influence of technology that brings many changes and is very beneficial for society.

By studying the types of CCTV cameras as described above, you may be helped to choose and buy the best type and brand of CCTV cameras that are tailored to the shape of your house and the planning of the functions you have. Make the best use of this technology to control and improve the security of your environment. Hope it's useful