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This Japanese Way of Saving is Guaranteed to Make You Rich Quickly!

Besides being known for being tenacious and hardworking, Japanese people also adopt a frugal lifestyle by not wasting money on things that are not needed. Therefore, Pintek wants to share how to save like the Japanese so that you get rich quick.

This Japanese Way of Saving is Guaranteed to Make You Rich Quickly!

The method of saving that is mostly done by Japanese people is to save using the Kakeibo method, which has been popular in Sakura Country since 1994 and is still being applied today.

For more details, let's see the full review below. But before that, first understand the reasons for the importance of saving.

The importance of saving

For some people in Indonesia, tips for saving using the Kakeibo method are still unfamiliar. The reason is, every person in Indonesia has its own way of saving that has existed for a long time.

No need to go far, since childhood our parents have taught us to set aside pocket money to save in a piggy bank. Not only that, even in schools, teachers require their students to regularly save and record in savings books.

Unfortunately, over time, the tradition of saving that has been implemented since childhood seems to have been swallowed up by the earth. In fact, not a few people who always fail to save because of the high needs of life.

Even though whatever income you get, you still have to set aside your money to save for a better future. To manage finances, you can apply the 50/20/30 theory popularized by Elizabeth Warren.

Warren who works as a professor at Harvard University and a financial expert in the United States suggests that we divide our income into three financial posts, such as:
  1. 50 percent for daily needs including paying installments.
  2. 20 percent is diverted to savings and investment.
  3. 30 percent can be used to meet lifestyle needs such as shopping to hanging out in cafes.
By applying this theory, it is guaranteed that you can fulfill all your needs without worrying about the money that always runs out after payday.

Kakeibo, the Japanese way of saving

Japanese people follow the Kakebo method with the aim of controlling all expenses to a minimum. The method is also quite easy, namely by recording every detail of the money they have spent and evaluating it every week.

So, at the beginning of each month, they will record all the money that will be used for one month for daily needs.

In practice, Japanese people will usually divide spending into four categories, such as:
  1. The first category was diverted for the purposes of school fees, meals, transportation, health, installments and others.
  2. The second category will be used for optional needs such as shopping to eating out.
  3. The third category is for entertainment needs such as internet, sightseeing and so on.
  4. The fourth category is extra expenses that can also be unexpected expenses.
After shifting spending to these four categories, they will only record in detail how much money can be set aside for savings. All these expenses must be recorded at the beginning of each month to make it easier if something goes wrong or must be corrected.

Every week, they will evaluate whether the money spent is in accordance with their respective posts.

That way, they will have an overview of daily, weekly and monthly expenses. To support the implementation of saving using the Kakeibo method, they will also save all shopping receipts.

Saving with the Kakeibo method does sound old-fashioned. However, if done consistently, the money in your savings will be a mountain.

Tips to make money more abundant

Saving is indeed one way to make you have a lot of money. But to make your money more abundant and get rich quick, you can divert your wealth by jumping into the business sector. Why business?

As you know, business is one way to make a lot of money. Evidently, the majority of billionaires are entrepreneurs. However, you must carefully choose a business sector that can provide you with large amounts of money and education business is the right choice.

This is felt by many business actors who claim that their business remains stable and even gets a drastic increase in turnover while working in the education sector, one of which is experienced by Yahto Dwi Husodo, owner of PT Ambali.

“Since joining SIPLah, my turnover has increased enormously. Even within one year, I can reap a turnover of more than Rp 5 billion. I focus on selling educational products such as books, stationery to electronic learning media, namely laptops, computers and others,” said Yahto.

Yahto added that in 2022, he has a target of IDR 18 billion just by selling books and the man who is familiarly called Dodo only focuses on finding customers and he relies on Pintek for funding problems.

“Pintek really helped me with the financing problems I was having. The loan limit is large, the application process is easy and the disbursement is very fast. Thank you Pintek for realizing my dream as a businessman,” added Yahto.

From the story of Pak Yahto who successfully runs a business in the education sector, we can learn that nothing is impossible in this world. As long as it is done seriously, the results obtained will also be maximal.

Therefore, there is no need to hesitate anymore to jump into the business world. Even though it started as a small business, but with hard work, your business can become a giant and generate a lot of profits.

As with other educational SMEs, you can rely on Pintek to solve all your funding problems.

Through the PO/Invoice Funding product, educational education SMEs can get funding of up to billions of rupiah with a tenor of up to 24 months. The interest charged is also competitive, starting from 0.9 percent to 2.5 percent depending on credit scoring.