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Tips so that your Facebook account is not blocked by Mark Zuckerberg

Tips so that your Facebook account is not blocked by Mark Zuckerberg

Recently, Facebook has tightened up the use of FB accounts, where there have been a lot of complaints from users that there are many fake accounts on Facebook to commit fraud. Maybe a few years ago there were some people who had several fake Facebook accounts. It was possible to cover their identity or to promote merchandise or a certain business blog.

For now, don't expect it to happen again because Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook media, carries out quite strict regulations. Like when you register for Google Adsense, you need a blog that meets several terms and conditions. This also applies if you have a Facebook account.

This strict regulation is a headache for online sellers or people who usually promote selling goods through social media. I'm one of those people who likes to create fake accounts but that was back then when I wasn't converted hehehehe. At first I was quite happy because it was quite easy to do promotions but day by day I was getting more and more guilty and the blessings I got were not Halal.

Why did I make an article about Tips so that your Facebook account is not BLOCKED. It's been about 4 years I only have one Facebook account. In the past I could have a Facebook account with up to 10 accounts with different names and using Indonesian artist names. It's amazing the friend requests continue to grow and reach more than 5000 Friends but I haven't opened it for a long time and after I log back in, everything is BLOCKED.

Several times also my Facebook account got a stern warning from FB for sending a lot of articles to the Facebook GROUP. My article does not contain Sara, Po*no or other violations because at this time I am careful in making a post. Currently I only dare to repost articles on detik.com and tribunnews.com (providing reliable sources). As a result all my Facebook warnings can be bypassed and my account remains safe.

Now, instead of telling me at length here and there that has no end, we will immediately discuss how to make your Facebook account not easily blocked. The last few days I've been getting a lot of Friend Requests from some friends who already have FB accounts. It turned out that the reason they created a new account was that their Facebook account was BLOCKED without any notification.

Tips so that your Facebook account is not BLOCKED

1. Create an ORIGINAL account, don't FAKE

Why must the ORIGINAL account you created !!! Currently Facebook can detect your Facebook account easily because if at the first time you register an account using a different date and profile photo, you can make sure your Facebook account is ready to be kicked. Use your current Name, Year of Birth and Profile Photo and don't use your child's photo if your account has just been registered on Facebook.

2. Fill in your complete biodata

Maybe this is what Facebook users usually ignore because they only understand how to make a status on FB but they can't edit their account. To convince FB, you must fill in all available data such as who you are married to, have worked anywhere and where do you live (address). If you fill in the data, it will convince Facebook that the account you have is a real account.

3. Choose a known FB friendship

In the past, it was easy to create a FB account and send friend requests to many people at once. At this time, don't try to do this because your friend request will be considered spam and when you are given a warning and open a FB account, you have to detect a friend's face so you will find it difficult to answer it. Choose a known FB friendship and do ADD gradually (Maximum 1 day only 5 people).

4. Create a non-violating STATUS or POST

Facebook has its own rules about violations that you do that are known by Facebook directly or there are reports from other accounts because you post posts, photos or videos that are disturbing the public. Just make a proper status and try to build a relationship by interacting with other FB friends using kind words so you don't get warnings.

5. Use LOGIN one FB Account on android

If you have many Facebook accounts, you must often take turns logging in. The old way at that time was still safe and not a violation but if you do it now then Facebook will detect your account irregularities with just one device changing accounts too often. You will go through the FB warning stage by detecting faces and if you can't pass it then your account is blocked by FB.

Those are five of the many tricks for using Facebook Social Media in order to use it wisely. If your account has been blocked and it is difficult to restore it then you can try this method: How to easily restore a BLOCKED FB (Facebook) account. Maybe you will feel annoyed because if it has been blocked the FB account will be difficult to restore. Just pray and if it's still missing then create a new FB account but follow the 5 tips I gave.