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What Is The Definition Of Ghost Kitchen And Its Types?

What Is The Definition Of Ghost Kitchen And Its Types?

currently, restaurants are already innovating following the development of trends in society. ghost kitchen is one of these innovations which is currently viral. even culinary businessmen are increasingly considering using the concept because of the many advantages that can be obtained.

for ordinary people, this one term is indeed a little foreign or even most likely have never heard of it before. for this reason, we will provide a review about the idea in the culinary business or restaurant above and what are the types in it.

what is ghost kitchen?

also called dark kitchen, shadow kitchen or even virtual kitchen is a facility for food preparation where to prepare food for delivery orders or delivery. business people have taken advantage of this idea to build a restaurant without an on-site dining area.

and the kitchen area itself is used to optimize the order delivery process only. this concept has indeed been widely applied in western countries, including in indonesia where its development is increasing from year to year.

by using this concept restaurant, business people can have the opportunity to get high sales. especially if the area is in a strategic area so that it can be reached by more potential customers.

the emergence of the dark kitchen above was also caused by several factors, such as running restaurants actually having low margins because hiring and supervising employees would cost a lot of money to open a place to eat. especially with real estate prices that continue to increase from year to year.

the use of this kitchen restaurant concept will also provide a myriad of advantages for culinary business people such as being able to save on expenses for renting or buying a place.

types of ghost kitchen

interested in using this one business concept? if so, then you should also understand what the types are. because each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. to make it clearer, just take a look at the following explanation:

1. pop-up kitchens

pop-up kitchens, also known as incubators, are spaces that are attached to the restaurant building but will only be used to fulfill orders and online deliveries only.

by using this type it is possible for traditional restaurants to try new concepts, minimizing the chaos that occurs at times in the kitchen that can lead to an increase in income.

2. kitchen pods

then there are kitchen pods which are the simplest type of kitchen compared to before. usually will use shipping containers so they are easier to move.

in addition, this kitchen is often found in the parking lot behind the restaurant. the drawback of this one concept is that it is too small so it will make you uncomfortable when you are moving. it is suitable for small scale business.

3. commissary

this is a commercial space which is used simultaneously by several restaurants. usually it will be equipped with complete cooking equipment or utensils needed for the online order cooking process.

the advantage of this type of commissioner is that you don't need to spend a large down payment or a permanent contract. this kitchen itself is usually available for rent to restaurants or food entrepreneurs from anywhere. of course, in the process, you will join other business people.

ghost kitchen is a new innovation in the culinary business that is currently a trend. in the process of making this type of restaurant kitchen, it is not as easy as in the shadows. that is why, everplate is here to be the solution.