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How to get Adsense PIN sent via POS for Address verification

How to get Adsense PIN sent via POS for Address verification

I have tried the Blogger world starting in 2011, with those who only learn self-taught, my knowledge is very minimal about creating a blog or website. Thanks to the kind-hearted mbah Google who always helps in every problem I have, she always provides the information I need. Until now, I am still in the blogging world, with strong perseverance it will definitely produce good results, and finally I tried to register Google Adsense as my blogging income.

Previously I always used Kliksaya.com to earn money and now I am trying to register on Google Adsense. It's not even 1 month since I registered, there is already information on sending a PIN to my home address, Praise God, I hope this is news and a good start for the progress of my simple blog. Friends, you can see screenshots of my Google Adsense account photos that are still about 2 weeks old.

It is clear from the photo above that the PIN was made on August 14, 2016 and the PIN will be sent via POS in about 3-5 days and depending on the POS service it may only arrive within 2-4 weeks, okay, I'll wait for Adsense so that it can be liquidated later hehehe ... I share this article a little because maybe my friends don't understand or are wondering about the Adsense PIN.

This notification is automatically from Adsense which I myself don't know based on what they send the Adsense PIN, Honestly this is an Indonesian Adsense BUG Account that I created. Although not with the right Adsense path but I feel a BUG Account can also generate a decent amount of Rupiah. One click on Adsense ads is valued at around Rp. 1000 more, not bad right than installing it on the Indonesian Ads site, only paying Rp. 300 to Rp. 500.

So that the spirit of seeing my income for the last 2 weeks, that's with a new blog I created and even then it was made together with Google Adsense BUG, ​​I got almost Rp. Let's cheer up blogger mania, don't despair until here, make this a friend's hobby, just make 1 article in 1 day, see the progress after 1 year, you will definitely get a salary from Adsense.