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How To Treat And Tips To Avoid Stomach Ulcers In A Simple Way

MAAG is a disease that is caused by excess acid produced by the stomach and causes irritation in the mucous membrane of the stomach, basically in normal conditions acid is needed to help digestion in processing the food we eat every time. In addition to irritation of the stomach, ulcers are also caused by injury or inflammation of the stomach and that results in stomach pain, heartburn and soreness.

How To Treat And Tips To Avoid Stomach Ulcers In A Simple Way

The last few days I was afraid of my son's condition, which for 2 days had excruciating stomach pains. Stomach pain feels like having to defecate but can't come out, either because it's hard or because of heartburn. Treatment at the clinic has been carried out and it turns out that the medicine given by the doctor is ulcer medicine. Maybe this is the result of irregular feeding schedule for your little one (understanding that a father's care is different from that of a mother).

As we also saw the last few days we were shocked by the death of Dr. OZ Indonesia or his real name is Doctor RYAN THAMRIN who died on August 8, 2017 at 03.30 in the morning. Where is the cause of death of Dr. OZ was the result of the MAAG he suffered and some said he fell in the bathroom.

This time, mastimon.com doesn't talk about Dr.OZ, if you want to know the news, please visit detik.com or liputan6.com where the news about Dr.OZ is clear. In accordance with the title about how to treat MAAG and how to avoid tips so that you do not get sick with MAAG to cause death. Before discussing it further, you must first know what are your symptoms of MAAG.

Characteristics of you have an MAAG

  • Pain in the stomach or stomach is excruciating and the pain sometimes appears and sometimes goes away.
  • The feeling of wanting to defecate but cannot and does not come out, either because it is hard or because of an injury to the stomach.
  • Nausea and vomiting accompanied by a feeling of cold in the body.
  • Often feel hungry even though you have eaten full because you eat irregularly.
  • Stomach feels bloated as if there is wind in the stomach.
If the above characteristics occur to you then it is certain that you have ulcer disease. Those are the characteristics that I read from several articles on other people's blogs / webs but there are also characteristics that I get directly in the life of my family who is affected by MAAG. If you get MAAG there must be a cause because it is impossible to get sick or disease to just come without a reason.

The reason you get MAAG
  • Eating irregularly, even though you eat large amounts of food, but if you eat it at the right time, when your stomach is empty and there is no grinding process, there will be scratches or wounds on the stomach.
  • Active smokers who spend their days smoking instead of consuming nutritious food.
  • Stress that makes the condition of the stomach worse because in stressful conditions a lot of people ignore regular eating patterns.
  • Lack of rest due to too much chasing work so that the condition of the stomach can not work properly.
  • Frequent consumption of spicy, acidic foods, drinking alcohol or liquor and drinking too much coffee containing caffeine.
  • The last cause is MAAG arises because of bacteria in the stomach, namely Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.
Quite a lot is not the cause of your stomach ulcers, so from now on to avoid getting heartburn, follow the rules that have been set by the stomach. If you are hungry then there is no compromise for you not to eat because if you postpone it then the consequences for tomorrow will be that you will get used to not eating on time and eventually MAAG will approach. For tips to avoid it, there are six causes of MAAG, so don't let the six things you do.

How to treat MAAG pain in a simple way and with traditional ingredients:

  • Turmeric is used as a traditional ulcer medicine by: Slice 2 fingers of turmeric, then boil in 3 cups of water, Cook until 1 cup of water remains, strain and cool - Drink turmeric water 3 times a day. To add sweetness, you can add brown sugar or honey.
  • Avoid empty stomach because you delay the meal schedule
  • Consume the type of food that can be digested well by the digestive system.
  • Set your eating schedule with small portions and also with frequent frequency.
  • You should solve your problem so that it will not cause prolonged stress that can trigger stomach acid to rise.
  • Do not eat foods that contain alcohol, carbon dioxide gas such as soft drinks, coffee, and chocolate.