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The Cause of a Lonely Blog of Visitors

The Cause of a Lonely Blog of Visitors

The blog is empty of visitors? That's natural, because in the blogging world, especially those of you who are new to blogging, you will definitely encounter this problem, not only beginner bloggers, seniors who have been in the blogger world for a long time must have experienced the same thing. In exploring the world of blogs, it is not enough to just write articles, you need special techniques that must be done, such as sharing articles, SEO, backlinks and so on. This is done so that the blog is easily indexed by search engines so that people who are looking for things related to your blog will easily find your blog.

But there are also several factors why blogs are still empty of visitors even though they have done SEO techniques, here I will describe some of the factors that cause blogs to always be empty of visitors.

1. Unqualified Blog Content

perfunctory content is also a very influential thing, how not, if you create content that is not clear then who will read the content. Content is the main factor to lure readers, so create quality and original content of your own making. Apart from increasing visitors, if the content is quality, visitors will feel at home on your blog. Read: Tips for Writing Quality Blog Articles and Liked by Readers.

2. The number of articles is still small

When you create a blog for the first time and the articles are still few, don't expect too many visitors, keep writing and writing articles. Consistent writing every day 1, 2 articles or more will affect the performance of your blog and your articles will be more and more of course.

3. Seasonal articles

What is meant by seasonal articles is articles that are sought after if the contents of the article are trending but only temporarily, I think you understand. so make a long-lived article that will never go stale.

4. Not doing SEO properly

SEO is the most important factor for Blogs, but as we know how to do SEO is not easy, so it's no wonder many out there are selling EBOOK about SEO, and I think that's a natural thing because SEO knowledge is not small and not easy to learn , so if you want to do SEO optimization on your blog, I suggest studying it first so that when you practice it correctly. If you are wrong in doing SEO optimization, it is likely that your blog will not make progress and may not even be indexed by search engines.

SEO is very influential on blogs, you can say SEO is the heart of blogs, so if you don't do SEO optimization properly or even you don't do it at all then your blog will have no life. Thus the post this time, hopefully useful and can increase knowledge, thank you.