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The Surefire Way To Fix A Damaged Android Cellphone Into The Water

The Surefire Way To Fix A Damaged Android Cellphone Into The Water

Having an Android phone with photos and being able to record videos is a joy for today's teenagers. Without the Android phone, it feels like the world is over because you can't update status on Facebook and Instagram anymore. This can happen when a friend's cellphone is lost due to a fall, damaged because it's time to break or an error due to rain. What usually happens is that the cellphone goes into the bath because the cellphone is placed in a shirt pocket and when taking water by looking down, the cellphone plunges into the tub by free fall.

Feelings of anger, anxiety and wanting to scream as loud as possible why can this happen. The most feared thing is that the files on the cellphone can get errors and disappear. But don't worry because like any cellphone that goes into the water, the External Memory where the file is stored is ensured that 70% can still be used. The memory can be retrieved and opened using another Android phone or opened on a computer/laptop for copying.

Facing a friend's Android phone that is exposed to water or enters the BATHROOM, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the condition of the cellphone is still on or is it dead. If a friend takes the cellphone quickly and it is not submerged for a long time, make sure the cellphone is still on and if so, immediately turn it off on the power button. If your friend's cellphone is off then don't try to turn on the power before doing the trick below

Strict Tricks to repair HP affected by Water

1. Remove the Battery, SIM Card and Memory

The first stage is to release everything on your android phone, starting with the case, battery, and external memory. If the cellphone is still on, just turn it off and if the cellphone is dead then don't try to turn it on because the damage caused by water entering the cellphone will get worse. PCB is a place where important components such as CPU, Ram, and others are placed. So, this is the main component. The lightest damage is usually on the speakers, sim card slot, and LCD.

2. Disassemble the inside of the Android phone

The next step is to open all the HP bodies including the LCD. Unscrew all the bolts attached to the HP so that the drying process inside is faster and the HP components are not submerged for too long. If a friend doesn't dare to open it or doesn't have a special small screwdriver then just take it to a friend's counter (ask to open it hehehe, if it's serviced, it's definitely expensive, kwkwkw).

3. Clean the LCD first

The most prone to water damage is the LCD because it contains Soft Flagmen which are not resistant to moisture. If you leave it exposed to water for too long then there are black stains or spots on the LCD screen.

4. Total Drying to all HP Components

Complete drying of all components in the HP, including the PCB using a fan, blower or hair dryer. To dry the PCB using a hair dryer, don't be too close and don't take too long because it will damage the components. Dry the battery in the hot sun for about 2 to 3 hours, then charge it using the Ces Portable.

5. Soak HP Components in Rice

Rice has a fairly stable and good level of heat, it is very good for draining the remaining water that cannot be reached and is still wet. Usually, to make the fruit ripen quickly, it is also added to the rice. The process of burying HP components into rice takes 1 or 2 days (long too). Of course, friends can't wait for it but choose which one you want the cellphone to either return or keep it damaged.

6. Assemble the Android phone as before

The last way is to reassemble the cellphone whose components have been removed earlier. Do the assembly carefully and try not to leave or miss any bolts. If you have finished assembling then try turning on the HP slowly. If the cellphone is successful, it will turn on normally as usual, but if the screen only lights up but no image appears, it is possible that the LCD has been damaged due to exposure to water for a long time. It should be noted that these tips are not for repairing a damaged cellphone but for first aid when the cellphone is exposed to water. Hopefully it's useful and if your friend's HP is still not good, then immediately go to the nearest Counter so that the severity level gets deeper.