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Tips For Safe Homecoming To Safely Arrive At Your Destination

Tips For Safe Homecoming To Safely Arrive At Your Destination

Homecoming is an activity to go to one's hometown or return to one's parents' place of residence after working elsewhere. When on leave or holidays is the right time to go home. Gathering with parents, relatives and childhood friends is the main goal of going home itself.

Homecoming time in Indonesia is synonymous with Eid al-Fitr. Where 2 weeks before Eid the homecomers have started to fill every street. Some use airplanes, trains, buses, private cars or use motorized vehicles.

But travelers need to remember that if you go home by public transportation, the transportation costs are quite high. Can reach double the normal price. Competing to buy tickets one month before departure is a solution that is widely used by travelers.

It's not good if we talk about going home but don't share safe tips for going home so that the destination is safe. Many of these tips are ignored because this is quite trivial but if you ignore it then your life is at stake. Not only you but all the passengers or family you bring also feel it.

Tips for going home safely and safely to your destination

What to bring when going home:
  • ATM card, KTP, STNK, SIM. Credit cards or cards for non-cash or cashless transactions to make it easier for us when buying food or fuel.
  • Power Bank or Charger in the car so that the communication device (mobile phone) remains on because all of our information can be obtained through cellphones.
  • Neck Pillow to treat neck pain when using a bus, taxi or private car
  • Bring a jacket or warm clothes because the wind on the way can disturb your health.
  • Cellphones and tools for listening to music so that on the way you don't feel bored.
  • Portable fan, small in shape and easy to carry anywhere, if you bring small children this mini fan is very useful when the heat is in the vehicle.
  • Flashlight is very useful when your vehicle has problems at night.
  • First aid kits equipped with medicines that are taken, such as Antimo and external medicines in case of injury.
  • Vehicle equipment such as screwdrivers, wrenches, jacks, pumps or car or motorcycle equipment if using a private vehicle.
Homecoming using GENERAL vehicles

BUS or Taxi is quite safe if we use it for going home because we only need to prepare food and medicine if we feel hungry or drunk on the trip. Choose safe public transportation by surveying several travel agents to see if the condition of the vehicle is up to standard or not. If the vehicle is not suitable for use, do not try to follow it because the risk of an accident is quite high.

Homecoming using Private Vehicle

If you use a private vehicle such as a car or motorbike, then you have to prepare the items that must be brought (read above). The first stage that must be prepared is that the vehicle that you will use must be serviced to a workshop or dealer first. Make sure everything is checked from the engine, oil, radiator water to the condition of the bolts in each car or motorcycle tire.

Things to pay attention to when traveling back home

Adequate rest is a mandatory thing that must be done by the driver or vehicle driver. Fatigue while driving a car or motorbike can result in an accident. If you travel far enough then try to rest in a certain place or point that is determined so that fatigue does not occur to the driver. Every time the vehicle stops or takes a break, try to see if the vehicle is still in a safe condition or not. If there is a problem with a vehicle component, don't be forced to travel, look for the nearest repair shop to fix it.

These homecoming tips are just a few of the trips I take to stay safe on the road. Do not ignore trivial things because of the small things that will have fatal consequences. Hopefully your trip is always safe and given smoothness during the homecoming trip and can return to work after gathering with family in celebrating Eid al-Fitr.