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Tips on how to save Smartphone battery while playing Pokemon Go

Tips on how to save Smartphone battery while playing Pokemon Go

Playing the Pokemon Go game is certainly very draining on your Smartphone battery, this is what often keeps us busy carrying Power Banks everywhere. If you're cool to play the Pokemon Go game, don't be afraid if you run out of battery, here are some tips to save your smartphone so that it lasts a long time playing the Pokemon Go game.

1. Take advantage of the Battery Saver feature

Pokemon Go turns out to have a Battery Saver mode, which can be used to save battery usage. You simply open the Settings menu, then tick Battery Saver.

Once active, this mode allows the screen to turn off when the smartphone is facing downwards. However, there is no need to worry because the smartphone will still vibrate when near Pokemon.

To reactivate the screen, you simply lift your phone and catch the Pokemon that appears. This feature can also help you concentrate more on your surroundings.

2. Turn off music and sound effects

The music and sound effects in Pokemon Go can be turned off, if you don't feel like you need them.

Although it actually only consumes a little battery power, when done in the long term quite a lot of battery energy can be saved.

3. Turn off the Augmented Reality function

One of the excellent features of Pokemon Go is augmented reality. Through this feature, players can as if catching monsters in real-world locations.

Unfortunately, this feature is quite draining the battery. For that, there is nothing wrong with this feature can be turned off first when playing. You can reactivate it when you want to take pictures of monsters with real world backgrounds.

4. Lower the screen brightness level

To save battery, the screen brightness level or brightness can also be set to be dimmer. You can do this directly in the smartphone settings.

However, a dim screen may slightly interfere with the enjoyment of playing in some conditions, such as when playing outdoors or playing in the sun.

5. Buy a power bank

If the methods above haven't worked, there's nothing wrong with using a powerbank to charge it.

Various choices of powerbank payment modes are also easy to find. One of them is by using a credit card or cashback promos and discounts.