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When is the best time to make a blog post for PageOne on Google !!!

When is the best time to make a blog post for PageOne on Google !!!

This morning woke up in the silence of the night, only the sound of the sound of the night animals accompanied. I tried to reach for the computer equipment at the end of my bed even though my eyes felt heavy. Thinking in my mind what should I do this morning.

The clock shows 03.00 AM, I put my laptop first on the small study table that was my favorite child's study desk. I took the guitar and with the ability to play the guitar as I could, I sang Praises to God. No wind or storm this morning I started praying.

Spiritual hymns are simple but truly enjoyable. Worshiping in the strains of guitar music that I play beautifully, only the song Ku Mau Cinta Jesus Forever. My love with the Lord Jesus I really feel peace that is truly extraordinary.

At 04.00 am I started to take my laptop and I opened blogger which I usually do typing a blog article. Opening the google homepage is the main target to see the updated information in cyberspace. Google displays blinking eyes and there are big big and small numbers, what is it ???. He is Ferdinand Monoyer, who created a tool to test eye acuity, whose birthday today is 181, here's a full review of how to measure eye acuity using a chart created by Ferdinand.

The article is entered on the google homepage on the first page and will most likely be PageOne and has become Page One after I tried to see it by typing "How to measure Eye Acuity power" on the Google homepage. From my story above, you must have understood that writing a good article is in the morning or at night, but starting at 01.00 at night, why??? All activities started at that time and Google was quite quick to catch our writing.

The complete way so that Articles can be PageOne:
  • Wake up at night or in the morning 01.00 to 03.00
  • Pray first before writing a blog
  • Determine the title of the blog article that will be made according to your writing skills
  • Look on the Google homepage what's the latest information there because Google is the window of the world
  • Start writing with enjoyment and don't be pressured by professional sentences because by writing from the heart, it is certain that your writing is pure writing yourself.
  • Even if you do not master the material, it is better if the contents of articles from other blogs are given the source address and re-edit the contents.
  • Use an attractive image when uploading an image for an article, if you take it on google, re-edit the image using photoshop, add text and save, change the name according to the article title
  • Before Publishing for Blog Labels, the Search Description is filled with many keywords according to the blog article and don't forget the schedule before publishing by adding 02 minutes so that the article is not published immediately so that Google reads quickly.
  • Publish scheduled and don't forget to check in the edit whether the writing is neat or not because usually there is an increasing and stretched paragraph space.
  • If it has appeared and published, please copy the address or blog article and paste it in Search Console to register on Google so that it is quickly detected by Google.
  • Done and see the results on the google homepage, new articles in just a few minutes can already be PageOne.