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Definition of Health Insurance

Definition of Health Insurance
Definition of Health Insurance
Most people often feel worried about their health and those they care about. Sick conditions and various disasters sometimes we can't predict beforehand so health insurance can be the solution.

Here is the definition of health insurance that you must know before buying the product:

Definition of Health Insurance

Health insurance is one type or insurance product whose focus is to provide dependents and financial reimbursement for treatment and other health costs. The insurance company as the Insurer will reimburse the costs that the customer has incurred for medical purposes.

The definition of health insurance above can give you an idea that you can get insurance for unexpected expenses from the risk of illness or disaster that makes your health decline.

Types of Health Insurance and Their Benefits

There are also different types of health insurance, so the insurance benefits received also vary. You can determine for yourself the type of insurance that is more suitable for your needs. The following types of health insurance exist in Indonesia:

1. Hospitalization Insurance

Inpatient insurance has a function to provide treatment financing for customers as long as the customer undergoes hospitalization due to certain illnesses. This type of inpatient insurance will cover all costs incurred during hospitalization.

With inpatient insurance, you can take advantage of health services to restore your health condition without worrying about how much costs may be incurred during your stay in the hospital.

2. Outpatient Insurance

The second type of health insurance is outpatient insurance which will cover the entire cost incurred as a result of the ongoing treatment process that the customer experiences. Non-emergency measures that do not require hospitalization will require customers to undergo ongoing treatment.

3. Personal Insurance

Furthermore, there is a type of personal insurance that will only cover personal health costs. This insurance will only cover medical costs for individual customers, so it will not cover health costs for families or spouses.

4. Group Insurance

This type of insurance is often used by companies where the health costs covered are for one group at once. Companies also usually cover the health of their employees not only for the employees themselves but also for a group of employees and their families.

5. Private Insurance

Then there is also private insurance where the agency or company that provides this health insurance service is a private entity. Usually, insurance premiums to private insurance companies are full or higher than government insurance.

But don't worry, you will also get optimal and wider health insurance facilities according to the premium costs you spend to meet the health insurance needs. There is also a more complete variety of services that you can adjust according to your needs.

6. Government Insurance

This type of government insurance is insurance organized by the government or state agency, namely BPJS or the Health Social Security Administering Body. Part of the cost of this insurance will be subsidized directly by the government so that customers only need to pay part of the premium.