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Benefits of Playing Badminton for a Healthy Body

Benefits of Playing Badminton for a Healthy Body

Benefits of Playing Badminton for a Healthy Body
Badminton, also known as Badminton, is one of the most popular sports and is loved by many people in the world, including Indonesia. Even badminton has long been competed in various events. Well, this very fun sport turns out to have benefits for a fit body health.

Apart from the fact that our bodies move a lot when playing badminton, our brains or minds can also relax. Yes, especially for those of you who are tired with work or heavy daily activities, the game of Badminton can be the right solution to keep your physical and mental health in good condition.

Even according to several studies, badminton can be used as a sport to prevent various dangerous diseases. Starting from high blood pressure or hypertension, reducing stress, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and much more. Specifically, the benefits of playing badminton can also be felt for women and men who want to increase their height.

For those of you who like badminton or maybe just want to try it, try to see the row of benefits of playing badminton for a fit body health below.

1. Prevent Hypertension

The first benefit of playing badminton mentioned in this list is that it can prevent hypertension. Actually, doing a variety of good sports can be efficacious for controlling blood pressure so that it is stable, but interestingly this badminton sport is able to provide us with far greater benefits for blood vessel and heart health.

Why is that? When we play badminton, we are required to move all members of the body actively. As a result, blood circulation will increase and will ultimately affect the effectiveness of the performance of blood vessels and the heart. This is what makes blood pressure more stable.

2. The Body Becomes Fitter

Badminton is a type of cardio exercise, which of course can make the trained heart muscle stronger. Furthermore, this will make the blood vessels more effectively distribute oxygen as well as nutrients to various systems, tissues and organs in the body. As a result, you yourself can feel when the body will feel much more energized and fit.

3. Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight healthily? Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Instead of having to reduce the portion of food, it is better to balance it with the right type of exercise. In this case, regularly exercising badminton will be beneficial in making the body's metabolic system increase significantly.

Furthermore, it will also have an impact on the process of burning fat in the body properly so that it will lose weight. Did you know that badminton can help burn calories in relatively large numbers than just running or walking. There are at least about 450 calories for every hour.

4. Brain Cognitive Function Is Getting Better

Not only the things above, unexpectedly playing badminton can also provide benefits in terms of maintaining brain health. How could that be? Yes, this is influenced by an increase in blood circulation, including getting to the brain.

Well, from this condition that provides positive benefits for the performance of the nerves and also transmitte in it. Even if we regularly do badminton sports, it can make brain mass increase.

The calculation is like this if we play badminton for approximately 30 minutes 5 times a week, it will affect the cognitive ability of the brain which increases drastically. You will have the ability to remember, think, concentrate and even get new ideas that make it even better.

5. Muscles and Joints Become Stronger

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, when we play badminton, it requires all members of the body to be actively moving. Thus, there are many active muscles and joints. Starting from the hips, arms, pelvis, thighs, calves, shoulders and waist.

As a result, the muscles and joints of the body will become healthier and stronger. You don't have to worry about health problems, arthritis or any related diseases if you regularly exercise like playing badminton.

6. Lower stress levels

When doing badminton, the brain will produce hormones such as dopamine, tryptophan, endorphins and serotonin in greater quantities. Well, these hormones play a role in making us happier and able to increase our mood. Thus, we are not easily stressed or affected by mental health diseases or depression.

7. Prevents Various Dangerous Diseases

A study by the Diabetes Prevention Program showed that in fact playing badminton regularly can help prevent and reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 58 percent. In addition, if your hobby is doing it, you can prevent dangerous diseases such as osteoporosis, high cholesterol and obesity.

Although Badminton is no longer a new type of sport, the history of badminton proves that more and more people are liking this exciting sport to play. Advanced technology makes it easier for us to be able to play badminton with complete equipment, you can even rent a badminton court to play with colleagues or family. Interestingly, you can get all the benefits above. Hope it is useful.