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How To Improve Sleep Hours To Get A Fit Body In The Morning

How To Improve Sleep Hours To Get A Fit Body In The Morning

A fit body in the morning is everyone's desire. However, not everyone can feel fit in the morning. Why? One of the causes is a messy sleep pattern such as staying up late which affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, from now on you need to know how to improve sleep hours to get a fit and healthy body in the morning.

Some people may find it difficult to get good quality sleep. Some have trouble sleeping despite trying to close their eyes. Are you too? Actually, how to overcome sleep difficulties can be started in a simple way. Maybe the cause of your insomnia is bad habits that are often done before bed.

Various bad habits that are done before bed can affect the quality of sleep. If the sleep pattern is chaotic and messy, it is certain that the health of the body will also decline. As a result, you will get sick more easily, not fit, lazy to do activities so that you are not productive. To prevent this, you should identify the cause and try to fix it.

As follows, we will discuss ways and tips to improve sleep hours as one of the factors to get a fit body in the morning. Let's see.

Here's how to improve sleep hours to get a fit body in the morning:

1. Do not use electronic devices

Some people, especially young people, like the activity of playing electronic devices. Even in their lives, the use of electronic device technology has become an indispensable part. Actually, using electronic devices such as Android phones or smartphones has many benefits, but if you continue to use it even before going to bed, it can affect sleep quality.

Why electronic devices can interfere with sleep quality? Because electronic devices can make us addicted so that we end up delaying the time to go to sleep immediately. Some people even prefer to play gadgets and stay up late. Therefore, you should set a time to turn off electronic devices and go to sleep immediately.

Not only that, the light from the electronic devices that we use can also slow down the production of the hormone melatonin in the body. Though this hormone has a function to regulate sleep hours biologically.

2. Avoid eating before bed

Do you like to eat or snack before bed? Eating or snacking is actually not prohibited, but if you eat before bed it can actually affect the quality of sleep. Because some types of food consumed can make the body's focus change.

For example, before bed you eat foods such as pizza, caffeine, sweet cereals, dark chocolate or even soft drinks, then the body will focus more on eating than resting. So how do you set dinner time and bedtime? We recommend limiting or giving a break of approximately two hours your meal time before bedtime.

3. Make the sleeping environment comfortable

In addition to the two things mentioned above, there are actually many things that we unknowingly can affect the quality of our messy sleep. Some of them are temperatures that are too hot or too cold, noise, unpleasant odors, too light or dark and many more.

Well, to support a good night's sleep, try to make your bed environment more comfortable. Try to pay attention to various factors that can interfere with your sleep. For example, set a comfortable room temperature for you, turn off the TV and keep other electronic devices away, or you can also use a mask to cover your eyes.

4. Do light exercise

We have often heard about exercise with its benefits to improve body health. But indirectly exercise can also improve our messy sleeping hours. Generally, when we wake up, the drowsiness we feel will soon disappear. However, some people can't immediately wake up, but must first collect awareness, then they can get out of bed and start doing activities.

Well, you can try to take advantage of the time after waking up to further improve body fitness by doing light exercise. It doesn't take long, you just need to do simple movements such as stretching your head, hands and body. Did you know, even though it's just simple, these tips have a good effect on making the body ready to move with enthusiasm.

5. Drink water after waking up

Furthermore, as healthy tips that need to be done also is to consume water after waking up. As we know, drinking enough water is very much needed by the body, its function is not only to eliminate thirst, but also to get rid of toxins in our body.

You can combine it with a slice of lemon which will add flavor as well as a fresh sensation. To make it easier to reach and don't forget, you can prepare it in the bedroom. This simple action will familiarize your body to get a fit body in the morning and a good night's sleep.

Good quality sleep will support good body health as well, this is marked by feeling fit in the morning. Health is very expensive, nothing can even pay for, but with our efforts to maintain and improve the quality of sleep, exercise regularly and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Thus we can carry out any activity productively. Hope it is useful.