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How to Livestock without Crib and Cage for Beginners

How to Livestock without Crib and Cage for Beginners

How to Livestock without Crib and Cage for Beginners

How to raise cattle without having to dig for grass and cages is one of the profitable ways to start a business for beginners. Not much is known in fact, raising cattle can be started with small capital. Moreover, as we know, cattle can be a business for investment that promises success.

Who doesn't want to be a successful livestock entrepreneur? Everyone certainly wants it, but often think too much about capital constraints or large costs, a place for cages to no time to take care of the cattle. Still others think they don't have enough knowledge to raise cattle and even worry about failure.

However, there is a practical solution to your problem. There is a way of raising cattle without creaking and cages with cheap capital for beginners. You can start a cattle business as the newest business opportunity that is hassle-free even if you are still a newbie as a cattle farmer. Don't feel inferior, and try to read the information below regarding how to raise cattle without gorging and cages for beginners.

As we know, if we want to raise cows or raise cows, we need to provide them with food and shelter. So that raising cows must be farming or looking for cow feed and making a cage as a mandatory thing. However, some people who enter the world of cattle farming can do so without having to dig for grass or cattle feed and build cages. How to?

Here's how, you can look for other breeders. What is the purpose? Yes, if you have found another trustworthy breeder, you can invite him to cooperate. the cooperation carried out covers the process of raising the cow. Do you know? This method is quite popular in East Java and several other areas that have also implemented this method.

Not only practical in terms of maintenance, but also in terms of minimal capital because we are not required to build a cage that takes up a lot of capital. So how do you cooperate with other breeders regarding the calculation of the capital you have to spend? Check out the next explanation below.

Tips for raising cattle with small capital

You can apply this method as one of the tips for raising cattle with small capital. You can ask other breeders who are collaborating to raise cows. Even with this method based on real experience, you only need about under 20 million tablets. Interesting isn't it? So here are fellow cattle breeders who will maintain and are given capital to buy cows.

After the cow is big, it can be used for sale, milk or other cow products are taken to make a profit. From these profits, the results are shared between you and the fellow breeders. According to some experiences in East Java, the profit-sharing system for farmers that can be applied is 50:50 or 60:40.

What is the profit sharing based on? Yes, for a 50:50 profit sharing, the net profit from the sale of cattle will be divided equally for investors and breeders alike. With the criteria that the capital must supply vitamins and various other needs needed during the cattle rearing process.

As for the 60:40 profit-sharing system, the investor only gets 40 percent of the net cattle sales profit, but here the investor does not have to supply vitamins or any other needs during the cattle rearing process, because it is the responsibility of the fellow farmer. .

Examples of Details of Capital and Profits

  • Details of capital and profits with a 50:50 profit sharing system are:
  • The initial capital for the price of young cattle is Rp. 15 millions
  • The selling price of cattle that have been sold is Rp. 25 Million
Well, the net profit is obtained from the selling price of the cows sold minus the capital. Where capital is only used for the continuation of the next phase of the business. So Rp 25 million minus Rp. 15 million earned a net profit of Rp. 10 million. So the profit for investors and breeders is Rp. 5 million and so on until investors get a return on investment and make a profit if the business continues.

Details of capital and profits with a 60:40 profit sharing system are:
  • The initial capital for the price of young cattle is Rp. 15 millions
  • The selling price of cattle that have been sold is Rp. 25 Million
The net profit is obtained from a reduction in the selling price with the same initial capital as above so that there is a profit of Rp. 10 million. For the 60:40 profit sharing system, the investor gets the first profit of Rp. 4 million so on until the return on investment and get a profit while the business continues. Meanwhile, the farmers get a profit of Rp. 6 Million.

For the second example, the details of the capital and profit sharing system between investors and breeders above can change based on an agreement between the two parties as co-workers in running a cattle business.

The description above is complete information that reviews information related to how to raise cattle without rigging and small capital cages for beginners that you can know. How interested in starting this promising business? By preparing yourself and everything, including a suitable way to start a business, it will definitely produce good results.

The effort you do will certainly not betray the results. Equip your knowledge regarding types of livestock business, agriculture, product marketing and various other businesses to invest in success in the future. One of them is the business of raising small capital cattle without a crane and a cage which can be an attractive option at this time. Hope it is useful.