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How to Overcome a Hot and Slow Smartphone

Smartphones, gadgets, cellphones or gadgets are communication tools that cannot be separated from everyday life, because of their many functions and benefits.

Many jobs require you to use a smartphone.

It is undeniable that the smartphone has a full range of features that we can access.

Even during the current pandemic, a lot of work and even school learning processes are carried out online, aka work from home.

However, if the smartphone you are using suddenly becomes hot and sluggish, of course it is very annoying. Especially when the smartphone is really used for urgent matters.

Of course you don't want something like that to happen to you. Here are some solutions to overcome your slow and hot smartphone.
How to Overcome a Hot and Slow Smartphone

1. Close unused apps

When playing a cellphone, we unconsciously open several applications in the Android/IOS menu.

The existence of an open application triggers the unused application to keep running.

This will make the smartphone hot and slow. So, to avoid that close all unnecessary applications.

2. Turn off online applications

Furthermore, one of the causes of fast and slow devices is online applications that are still running.

One of them is google maps. When searching for a destination with the help of GPS or the location feature, the application will continue to run until the destination arrives.

Especially when traveling long distances, the phone will continue to work.

Therefore, try to immediately close the application when it arrives.

Or close it first when you stop at the rest area, then it can be opened again when you start to continue your journey.

3. Close Wifi when not in use

Even if there is no Wifi network connected, the smartphone will continue to work looking for a Wifi signal.

Then the phone will work right then and there. Therefore, turn it off if there is no wifi connection around.

4. Avoid using a smartphone while charging the battery

The habit of using a smartphone while it is being charged will affect the life of the battery itself.

As a result, the battery quickly swells and gets hot easily.

So let your smartphone be fully charged first before using it.

Not infrequently today's smartphones are pinned with a fast charging feature. So that the battery charging faster, and will be useful when needed immediately.

5. Disable sync

Only use specific applications that are frequently used for daily activities.

By disabling sync, it will prevent the phone from overheating.

The trick, go to settings, accounts and sync, then uncheck features or applications that you don't use.

6. Update apps that need to be updated

If an app on your phone asks to be updated, do so immediately.

Because the application will always ask for your confirmation to update, so battery consumption automatically decreases faster.

Of course, this can reduce heat and sluggishness on your device.

7. Store the phone in a place that has air circulation

Storing the phone in a cold enough room can help the smartphone not heat up quickly.

Because if the phone is in a hot room temperature, it will affect the communication tool to be hot.

As much as possible, avoid placing the smartphone on the mattress or even under the pillow.

8. Turn off the phone

This solution is a powerful way to prevent the phone from overheating.

Turning off the phone means stopping all running applications.

It can help lower the temperature of the phone. Turn it off for a few minutes when the device has cooled down. Then turn it back on.