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Islamic Education Goals

Islamic Education Goals

The purpose of Islamic education is to achieve a balance in the growth of human personality (students). In a comprehensive and balanced manner, it is carried out through the exercise of the soul, mind (intellectual), rational human self; feelings and senses. Therefore, education should include the development of all aspects of students' nature, spiritual, intellectual, imagination, physical, scientific, and linguistic aspects, both individually and collectively; and encourage all these aspects to develop towards goodness and perfection. The ultimate goal of Muslim education lies in the realization of perfect submission to Allah SWT, both personally, continuously, and all of humanity.

Therefore, if we want to talk about the purpose of Islamic education, we must look at the purpose of human life in this world. That goal is stated in the letter Az-Dzariyat verse 56, which reads:

Meaning: "And I did not create the jinn and mankind except that they worship Me." (Surat adz-Dzariyaat: 56).

This verse explains that the purpose of education is the same as the purpose of human creation itself. According to M. Natsir, the goals of education and the goals of life cannot be separated. Both are the same (identical). The purpose of education is the purpose of life. He said, “Will be slaves to Allah, will become servants of Allah, this is the purpose of our life in this world. And because of that, this is also the purpose of education that we must give to our children, who are facing life."

Al-Ghazali was quoted by Djamaluddin as saying that the purpose of Islamic education is "the formation of a complete human being, both in this world and in the hereafter. Abdul Fatah Jalal's opinion in Ahmad Tafsir that "the general goal of Islamic education is the realization of humans as servants of Allah." So according to Islam, education must make all human beings who serve Allah. What is meant by self-serving is worshiping Allah.

From the views above, it can be concluded that the purpose of Islamic education to foster religious people means humans who are able to carry out Islamic teachings properly and perfectly, so that they are reflected in attitudes and actions in all their lives, in order to achieve happiness and glory in the world and the hereafter. Which can be fostered through intensive and effective religious teaching.