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Science According to the Concept of Islamic Education

Science According to the Concept of Islamic Education

Before discussing Islamic education, first discuss what is education? Ahmad D. Marimba, formulated "education is a conscious guidance or leadership by the educator towards the physical and spiritual development of the educated towards the formation of the main personality." Thus the meaning of education and there are still many meanings of education that we know. In the Law on the National Education System Number 2 of 1989, "education is formulated as a conscious effort to prepare students through guidance, teaching and training activities for their roles in the future". Meanwhile, "education in a broad sense is covering the actions or all efforts of the older generation to transfer (transfer) their knowledge, experience, skills and skills to the younger generation, as an effort to prepare them to fulfill their life functions, both physically and spiritually.

Islamic education is to form people who are devoted to Allah SWT, able to use logic well, interact socially well and responsibly. In other words, Islamic education is to develop spiritual, emotional and intelligence potential optimally. All three are integrated in one circle. Islamic education activities are basically an effort to realize the Islamic spirit, which is an effort to realize the spirit of life imbued with Islamic values. Furthermore, this spirit is used as a way of life. This Islamic spirit is rooted in the holy texts of the Qur'an which was conveyed by Allah to Muhammad SAW. As the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an introduces itself as a guide to the straight path, its instructions are aimed at providing prosperity and happiness for the people. human beings both individually and in groups, and because of that, clues are found for humans in both forms. Purification can be identified with educating (making someone clean/holy), while teaching "does nothing but fill the souls of students with knowledge related to the physical and metaphysical realms."

In Islamic education, "life balance includes several principles, namely the balance between the life of the world and the hereafter, between physical and spiritual needs, between individual and social interests, and balance between science and charity."