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The Nature of Learning Methods

The Nature of Learning Methods

The method comes from two words, namely meta and hodos. Meta means "through" and thodos means "way" or "way". Thus the method can mean the way or path that must be passed to achieve a goal. "Method is also defined as a means to find, test and test and compile the data needed for the development of something discipline". The method is essentially a "way or way to achieve a goal". From the definitions above, the method is a way to achieve a meaningful goal to be placed in a position as a way of finding, testing and compiling the data needed for the development of knowledge or thinking systematically.

The method is used as a way of conveying a message or subject matter to students. Inappropriate teaching methods will be a barrier to the smooth running of a teaching and learning process so that a lot of time and energy is wasted. Therefore, the method applied by the new teacher is successful, if it is able to be used to achieve the goal.

Ahmad Tafsir gives an understanding of the method is: "The most appropriate and fast way to do something". Meanwhile, according to Sukanto, the story is "an activity carried out by the teacher to his students, the father to his children, the teacher tells the story to the listener. An activity that is artistic in nature because it is closely related to beauty and relies on the power of words used to achieve the purpose of the story.

The method has a close relationship with Islamic education, so it means as a way to instill religious knowledge in a person to become an Islamic person. Therefore, the method in Islamic education is defined as a way to understand, explore, and develop Islamic teachings, so that they continue to develop in accordance with the times. In the Qur'an the method is identical to the Tariqah which consists of objects, functions, properties, consequences and so on.