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Adsense Publisher Must Be Digital To Add Merchantability

Adsense Publisher Must Be Digital To Add Merchantability

Like the title above, an adsense publisher must be diligent in adding their merchandise every day in their store. What is the merchandise and where is the shop?

The merchandise is articles and the shop is a website or blog. When you write an article on a blog, it means that at that time you are adding your wares in the store. The more merchandise you display in the store, the more choices for buyers in your store.

Adsense Publishers Must Be Diligent in Adding Merchandise

As a guide in making money online via google adsense, our job every day is to make as many articles as possible. The more articles we make, the more visitors to our website, which in turn will have a great opportunity for us to get ad clicks. See also the main task of a blogger is to update articles regularly.

As content-based online money seekers, Adsense publishers should have the assumption that to earn today's earnings, we must create new articles for today as well. If today we do not write a new article then today we will not get money, because from these new articles we get money.

While yesterday's and previous articles are considered as savings on our website, thankfully the old articles can still make money.

As a reference, if today we can make 10 articles, it means that today we have added 10 merchandise for 10 buyers. But if today we can only make 1 article, it means we only have 1 merchandise for a buyer. While old merchandise (old articles) do not expect the results too much.

Friends can draw conclusions from the article above.


Every day we have to write articles to find food for today. If today we don't write articles, then we don't get money, so we have to borrow money from neighbors or borrow money at the shop

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