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Complete Guide on how to write SEO articles for Beginners

Complete Guide on how to write SEO articles for Beginners

Blog is one of the online means for various purposes. There is a personal blog and there is also a company blog. This type of blog is determined by the author's purpose. However, both of them always need articles to be uploaded regularly. Not random articles but quality writing in accordance with guidelines or rules on how to write SEO articles especially for beginners.

For a novice blogger, this may not be easy. Starting from learning to understand the terms that exist in blogs and websites, good and correct writing techniques, things to avoid and the step-by-step procedures that need to be done to build a successful and successful blog. All of these are conditions that need to be met to provide good performance in Google search results.

Therefore, the first tip for success as a blog writer is to get to know the terms in blogs and then how to write good articles. This means that your writing must contain articles that are SEO Friendly or SEO friendly. The plugins used to manage SEO are not completely helpful. However, the quality of the blog you manage is greatly influenced by your article writing.

Well, try to pay attention to the complete guide on how to write articles on a blog or website in accordance with the latest SEO writing rules in the information below.

Guide on how to write SEO articles for beginners

1. Using keywords that are sought after by the audience

Before starting to write, the first step you need to do is find out in advance the keywords or often referred to as keywords that are sought after by visitors or audiences according to the discussion of your article. Therefore, you also need to be at the beginning to understand who your audience is or who is reading your blog. Thus, you will be able to find out the keywords in the Google search engine.

2. Create the structure of the article

One thing that should not be left behind to discuss is creating an article structure. These tips are done before you write an article. In general, the structure of the article is divided into three well-known parts, namely the prologue or the opening part, the content and the epilogue or the closing part of the conclusion. By determining the sections in order, you will have no difficulty in compiling an article.

3. Make sure your article meets the needs of the reader

Do you know? Google itself can find out whether the visitors are satisfied or not with the search results. This is because there are several indicators that are considered. Some of them are based on how long the audience reads the article or whether the audience shares it or not.

4. Using a reasonable focus keyword

In accordance with the discussion in the first point of this discussion regarding the use of keywords or keywords, you must still remember one thing, namely don't just focus on keywords to get high rankings on Google. This can happen, so it is not uncommon to find keywords that are constantly repeated or even excessive use of keywords.

Excessive use of keywords actually does not make the quality of your article better, on the contrary, it will reduce the quality of your writing. The writing must also be adjusted to human logic by paying attention to SEO techniques.

5. Articles must contain writing worth reading

Writing activity, although it looks easy for most people, is actually not so. Especially for web and blog writers, it requires high accuracy so that the writing is in accordance with the rules of good and correct writing. You can determine whether your writing is worth reading or not in several ways.

For example, you can ask an editor to check your writing. Or if you don't have an editor, just ask for help from people around you to correct your writing and then ask if they can understand your writing or not.

6. Pay attention to important elements in the blog

Do you know what are the components in a blog? Most bloggers mention two components, namely consisting of sentences and paragraphs. But actually in a blog there are other components that you need to pay attention to, namely the URL, blog title and Heading. To create quality writing, complete all these components.

7. Utilize internal and external links

What is the function of the link? The link in the article has a function to provide further explanation to the audience or readers regarding the topic in the article. To write quality articles, you can take advantage of internal and external links. Internal links are links that refer to the blog itself. As for external links are links that refer to sites other than your blog.

Both have their respective roles. Internal links will allow the audience to explore or read your other writings. While external links will convince the audience that the author has previously conducted research on article writing.

8. Image optimization

So that readers don't get bored, it's a good tip when inserting images into the topic of the article. Especially if the article that is made is so long, this is where the role of the image is needed. However, what kind of images are good for article writing? There are several things that you can pay attention to for choosing the right image.

Some of the main ones are that the image must be ensured to have a file name with a focus on the keywords you are using, reduce the size or size of the image with the aim of making it faster and so on.

9. Upload content regularly

After understanding the various practical suggestions as a guide for writing blog articles, you need to apply them continuously or continuously. If you are not consistent in writing blogs then the results will not be good, your efforts to write quality articles will be in vain. Be active in writing and become an active blog because Google itself will provide more value to diligent blogs.

10. Using a unique point of view

From just one keyword or keywords you can develop it into various points of view that can be used with the aim of developing the focus of that keyword. In general, everyone has a unique view of a problem. For example, you can use personal experience related to the keywords discussed. This is so that your writing will be more unique and different from the others.

The description above is complete information on detailed guidelines on how you can produce articles that are in accordance with updated SEO techniques. Given that from period to period SEO always has updated terms, this requires you to always update about tips and tricks for writing articles that follow the rules set by Google.

Because Google has its own standards in sorting articles in search engines. You need to make the efforts above to make your article appear on the first page of search engines. By applying these practical tips and simple methods, you will increase the chances of your blog getting high traffic or visitors for free. Hope it is useful!