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How the Latest Google Search Engine Works

How the Latest Google Search Engine Works

Most of us are certainly familiar with search engines or what are also called search engines in English. Search engines are most widely used to find the latest and most needed information anytime and anywhere. However, do you know how search engines like Google work, which is so sophisticated and modern?

Actually considering the role of search engines in human life is inherent and needed by everyone. Whether used to support business work, update the latest news, educational information, look for fashion trends or even just update celebrities. Throughout its history, search engines have continued to be updated to make them more comfortable to use.

Even today, we can find many types of search engines other than the most famous Google. Other search engines are Bing, Search Encrypt, Yahoo! Search, Baidu, Yandex and many others. Each search engine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we will recognize the workings of the latest search engines. Please listen.

How the latest Google search engine works

1. Crawling or browsing

The first thing in the way search engines work is to search or explore which is also known as crawling in English. As we know that there are trillions or even more pages or documents on the internet. How does the work engine choose from that many pages?

Search engines will crawl to blogs or websites that are considered to have quality and trustworthy criteria. From this trustworthy website, you can also find other websites that are available through links that are directed to a website. This search engine crawl search will continue or continue until the website link has expired.

2. Indexing or indexing

This is generally often the subject of discussion by bloggers today, perhaps because their website is difficult to index in search engines. Do you know what an index is? This index is a giant list of all the pages on the web or content that have been found by crawlers and then stored in a list database in search engines.

Later this list will be used when the search engine is used and displayed as information sought by users or readers that are relevant. Well, maybe you are wondering why your website is not in the search engines yet? This means you need to find out the answer to why my website is not indexed by google?

So far, search engines will only display information or document data from a blog or website that has been indexed previously. If your web page is not indexed, it will definitely not be included in the search engines.

3. Ranking or ranking

In addition to the things above, one other thing that is also important in how search engines work is rankings and rankings which are generally also widely discussed by online writers and bloggers. Who doesn't want their website or blog to rank one or rank well in search engines? Of course every blogger wants that.

In your opinion, how do search engines choose a website to occupy the top position or page one in the search homepage? There is a secret run to determine this rank or ranking. Called secret, because it is not known exactly how search engines rank.

But, don't worry because there are several theories that say many or even hundreds of ways from search engines to rank in search engines. Some of them are the number of other sites that act as intermediaries to link to a website and also through new content.

In the process, search engines will rank and value many websites that are considered quality and relevant. To achieve this, you need to pay attention to tips and tricks for creating quality content. Such as having to have relevant keywords with relevant urls with descriptive keywords that are able to explain the content of the article.

Thus the full description in the form of the latest information that presents complete information regarding how the search engine works with a complete explanation that we can understand. Knowing this, especially for blog or website managers, can be helped to optimize their website, be it a business or personal website, to be able to compete in search engines.

This information is also a marketing strategy that online writers and bloggers need to know in managing websites or also creating article content that meets search engine criteria, so that it will allow a website to reach page one. If so, you will get other benefits. Hope it is useful.