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How To Mining Bitcoin In Internet Cafe Simulator

How To Mining Bitcoin In Internet Cafe Simulator

How to Mining Bitcoin on Internet Cafe Simulator – Don't understand how to mine bitcoin on Internet Cafe Simulator using BTC Miner? Let's understand immediately and get money quickly.

There are many ways that you can make money in the game Internet Cafe Simulator. One way is by mining bitcoin or mining bitcoin. There are still many people who don't understand about dumbbells, so they are often forgotten.

Even though if you manage to use it properly, the benefits you will get are quite large. Therefore, we will explain a little about mining so that you understand better.



All you need to do is buy a tool called BTC Miner. You can buy the tools at NPCs like the picture above. After buying the tools, prepare a room and stick it on the wall. In this tool you can turn it on and off. You can also see the total mining power. The more BTC Miner you install, the greater the mining power. When you have a large mining power, the increase in bitcoin will be fast.


Log in to the computer, select Crypto Exchange. Look at Exchange and Portfolios. Exchanges are used to buy while portfolios are used to sell bitcoins. So, buy when the bitcoin price is down and sell it when the bitcoin price is up. How to buy it, pay attention to Amount which means how much you will buy bitcoin, and vice versa by selling.

As mentioned above, you can see the effect of mining power in the Portfolio section of the amount owned column. The number of bitcoins will increase quickly if you have a large mining power.


Sometimes the police will visit your cafe and that's bad news. If the BTC Miner is alive, the police can impose a fine and confiscate your tools, so always turn it off if the police will visit your cafe. So always check your Mail because usually there will be a notification if the police will come.


That's a little discussion about mining in Internet Cafe Simulator. Try to apply and make bigger profits in a short time. If there's anything you need to say about Internet Cafe Simulator, please leave a comment. It is very possible if we will discuss it in the next post.

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