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How To Overcome Blog Blog Born In The Home

How To Overcome Blog Blog Born In The Home

Just like with food, blogging is sometimes also boring even though we are full-time bloggers. The most common cause of boredom is because we only blog at home continuously every day.

But friends, don't worry because I will share for free about powerful tips on how to overcome boredom blogging. In the following, please complete the terms and how to do it.

  • Have an Ipad Mini and an internet connection that you can take anywhere.
  • Go out of the house to a place where you like to hang out. I like to hang out on the bude terrace while watching people pass by
  • Then start blogging there using the iPad mini and the internet connection that you have prepared. Write articles about what you see and think about.
  • The first is that you will not feel bored blogging, but updates continue.
  • You can write lots of articles easily without thinking too much. Try it if you don't believe it, surely you will be able to write dozens of useful articles in a short time at your hangout.
  • Your blog will be guaranteed to be rich in content quickly. How not, because you can write 10 articles while sitting around relaxing so that without feeling the articles you have written have dozens of posts.
  • Your blog traffic is increasing rapidly. For example, just look at the Kompasiana website which is filled with many articles by Kompasiana every day. If you fill your blog with lots of articles every day, traffic will definitely increase rapidly.
  • You feel entertained. Try hanging out at your favorite place while updating articles using an ipad mini, then you will feel entertained by itself.
  • Your money quickly a lot. If you put adsense ads on your blog, it is guaranteed that you can PO every month because you hang out while making money, because you write articles without feeling bored sitting in your favorite place. But you only update at home, I'm sure you just got one article you will stop for a long time because the roast feels like a pounding Besides that, just one article is already giving me a headache.