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How To Treat Smallpox With Coconut Water And Sweet Corn

How To Treat Smallpox With Coconut Water And Sweet Corn

Health is the main topic in our life in this world. Without having health, it feels like a world of torment that always haunts you. One story where it becomes sad to see one of our families experiencing an illness and lying limp. I experienced this when my wife had chickenpox where before it happened there were no signs of getting the disease.

Smallpox is a type of infectious disease that all humans will experience once in a lifetime (the info is like that). Small spots appear at the beginning of the appearance of this smallpox disease and in a few days it will appear large like a fire blister and this is accompanied by a fairly high body heat. People with smallpox generally do not know their age, some are only a few years old (children) and some are old enough to have smallpox.

There are many types of smallpox, it is said that many people call it Chicken Pox, some say Fire Pox, Snake Pox, Monkey Pox, or some say Kayap (if I'm not mistaken hehehe). How to treat smallpox is quite easy but it takes about 1 week from the appearance of spots to the cracking and drying of the smallpox. Honey is one of the drugs that can treat smallpox easily but in this article I will not discuss honey but how to treat smallpox with coconut water and ground or grated corn.

How to treat smallpox with coconut water

Coconut water helps a lot to cause smallpox spots as soon as possible, where if the smallpox spots are slow to appear then the body temperature will always be hot and this will affect health. I suggest you buy yellow coconuts (not that green coconuts are not good) but I get this advice a lot from friends and neighbors around the house. When this smallpox appears, drink it immediately but remember not at the same time when you take the medicine from the doctor, the function of the medicine will not exist, drink it with a few hours difference with the medicine. It is not recommended to drink Young Coconut water after the smallpox disease has all appeared or is entering a healing period or the wound has started to dry up. By drinking coconut water, this smallpox disease will soon experience healing and you will quickly run activities.

How to treat smallpox with young corn

Treatment with this young Sweet Corn after you have entered a period where the smallpox spots have begun to break (let it break by itself, don't squeeze it because it will spread throughout the body). This method doesn't work if you just noticed that smallpox spots appear because of the function of ground corn water or grated to help dry wounds on the body. Grate or grind the corn fruit gently and apply to the injured part or you can also apply it all over the body then the drying process will occur quickly and the corn juice will be quite disturbing because the wound will feel a little itchy.

In addition to treatment in a natural way, namely the fruits and vegetables above, you can also try the prescription drugs recommended by the doctor. I will not mention what the drug is called because I am not a doctor, my prescription will be wrong, hehehe, what I know is that the doctor's prescription is taken 5 times a day with 2 pills (wow, that's a lot !!! so 1 day 10 pills drug). The effect of the drug will make you feel like you have to urinate all the time, so you have to prepare a resting place that is not far from the restroom. Hopefully this article is useful for friends and if there are families who experience this smallpox disease, please inform this treatment recipe, that's all and thank you.