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How to find out the Facebook Generator Code when logging in for the first time

How to find out the Facebook Generator Code when logging in for the first time

Facebook is currently increasing the security of the owner's account. One of them is asking for a Generator Code when you log in using a new browser or using a computer that you haven't used to open a FB account. At first I was confused looking for the Code Generator in question because if I entered the code incorrectly, my FB login couldn't be used.

How to open a facebook login on a new device, you have to go through several steps, namely entering your email address, password and finally entering the 6-digit generator. So don't be surprised if when you log in now it's different from before. In the past, you only used an email or cellphone number and password, but now you have to use a generator code.

Please before you uninstall the Facebook application, please login first on another Android phone. This method is so that when there is a generator code request you can see on your cellphone or IOS that your FB account has been opened. This Facebook Generator Code is owned by all FB accounts but this 6 digit code changes the number every 60 seconds.

How to find out Facebook Generator Code

Confused when the first facebook login on the computer there is a Code Generator request !!! To see the FB generator code, we must log in to the fb account. as I stated above before you reset your cellphone, then open your Facebook account on another Android and IOS device so that when there is a code request you can see it.

You can't save the FB Generator Code because it changes every 60 seconds, here's how to see the Generator Code via Android and IOS Mobiles. The method is quite easy because you can simply see it through the 3 line menu sideways if it is through an Android phone. Here is a picture of the instructions.

How to disable Facebook Code Generator
How to find out the Facebook Generator Code when logging in for the first time

If you don't want to be bothered with Facebook Generator Code requests, you can disable it. If you do this then the security level of your Facebook account is quite vulnerable. Lots of other people who idly want to take over your account for fraud. The more security codes you use on your FB account, the better.

The following is how to disable the Facebook Generator Code, which is the first time you login to Facebook. Go to Settings and Select Security and Login Info. After that select Use two-factor authentication and click Edit. Then see the Code Generator, if you want to disable it, just click it.

So that's how to find out or see the Facebook Code Generator when you log in for the first time on a PC or Computer. Please use Facebook account security properly if you don't want to be hacked by others. Maybe using Genertor is a little inconvenient for you but if you have already logged in then this FB Generator Code Request will not appear.