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Islamic Education System

Islamic Education System

The education referred to here is Islamic education, namely by guiding and nurturing it in order to understand, live the teachings of Islam, so that religious behavior appears simultaneously and is directed at the purpose of human life. Islamic education is an ideal education, because it harmonizes physical and mental growth, physical and spiritual, individual and community development, as well as the world and the hereafter.

Instilling religious behavior in students is expected to have an influence on the formation of a religious spirit. The size of the influence in question really depends on various factors that can motivate them to understand religious values, because religious education is essentially value education. Therefore, religious education is more focused on focus on how to form habits that are in line with religious guidance. “Historically, in the pre-independence period, the education system in Indonesia tended to be oriented towards the West. Since independence, Indonesia has been determined to create an education system that suits its needs and aspirations.” But like many ex-colonial countries, Indonesia soon found a wide gap between the statement of lofty ideals and what actually happened in the classroom.

The Islamic education system has its own uniqueness, due to the existence of value rules that are sometimes considered to deviate from the fulfillment of Islamic educational values. equality of men and women in the education acquisition system by looking at the positive and negative sides.

In relation to the components of the curriculum and coeducational system above, the objectives of Islamic education through the school/madrasah system deserve special emphasis. Islamic education programs that are more accommodating, transformative and relevant to the goals of Islamic education.